LEIBINGER Inkjet printers and Numbering Machines

LEIBINGER is known for reliability in producing high quality inkjet printers, camera systems, numbering systems and system solutions. Industrial marking systems and camera verification systems for product marking

Small character inkjet printers

Industrial labeling systems for non-contact food and product labeling in all industries. The industrial inkjet printers code and mark products, packagings and food with data matrix codes, bar codes, lot numbers, etc. with various inks. They are equipped with the LEIBINGER automatic nozzle seal to prevent a drying of ink.

Camera systems

Flexible, high-performance camera systems with a modular concept that guarantees solutions with matrix or linescan cameras. It provides 100% monitoring of variable and fix data such as numbers, barcodes, 2D-codes, text, logos and quality defects. Multiple windows can be traced simultaneously.

Numbering systems

LEIBINGER numbering machines and systems are well-known all over the world for quality and reliability. The delivery range includes the complete spectrum of easy mechanical numbering machines to fully-electronic controlled systems. Check out the new LENservo !


Interpack and Tube & Wire: LEIBINGER camera systems and inkjet printers

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Award for "Distributor with the Highest Growth Rate" given out for the first time

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