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camera control system JETvisio An impressive combination of camera system and inkjet printer. It has never been that easy to control printed information. Designed as a plug-and-play solution, the verification system will be connected and installed to the Leibinger JET3 on a simple level.

Plug and Play camera system for JET3 printer

camera with interface boxJETvisio camera control system in product marking workflow

100% Quality in product marking

The fully automatic visual monitoring system JETvisio guarantees highest reliability of product marking with the JET3 inkjet printer.

Each imprint on the product will be controlled. In case of malfunctions or bad reads an immediate intervention is possible. Rejects will be detected with complete production control.

Permanent safety in the production process

Products can not be verified with the naked eye at high-speed production. JETvisio monitors each product even on high speed lines. The print information can be read by the camera, decoded and compared to the original information.

Optimising the production costs

The JETvisio camera system combined with the reliable high-end inkjet printer JET3 guarantees a maximum efficiency in the production process. Default products will be reliably identified by the automatic control of the print information. In this way JETvisio prevents the production of default goods. This way an efficient use of machines and material is guaranteed.

Easy to combine with the inkjet printer

The visual monitoring system JETvisio gives the inkjet printer eyes. Just connect the camera system to the JET3 printer and set up the camera job. The production control is fully automated and provides security of print quality.

100% quality and capability

Marking and controlling with highest quality and capability are requirements that are reflected in the products from the company LEIBINGER. The JETvisio fulfils all demands for a verification system of inkjet marking.

The camera control system JETvisio combines know-how and latest technology with easy operation. This system, developed to connect with the JET3, is optimized for the special characteristics of inkjet fonts. Designed as a plug-and-play solution, the camera will be connected and installed to the JET3 on a simple level. During the production the control and monitoring is made directly on the well known touch screen of the JET3. An additional computer or notebook is not neccessary.

Diverse functions supports numerous applications

JETvisio supports the production with diverse functions numerous applications. From meter marking in the cable industry or DataMatrix codes in the pharma branch up to best before dates and logos in the packaging area. All information can be read from the camera system, decoded and compared to the original information.

An installation wizard supports the user in generating new jobs. Automatic functions like Teaching make the job creation fast and easy. During the production error pictures will be shown directly on the JET3 display. The results of all read print information will be saved in a log file. This log file can be easily exported onto a USB stick and analysed for example with Excel R.

One of the fastest Smart Cameras worldwide

With a processing power of 3200 MIPS the JETvisio belongs with the fastest Smart Cameras worldwide. The camera produces full images of 640 x 480 pixels with a rate of more than 40.000 products per hour.

The JETvisio was especially developed for industrial applications. A direct communication with the inkjet printer JET3 is guaranteed by the software which is perfectly coordinated between camera and inkjet printer. Easy plug-and-play connection to the JET3, intuitive handling as well as numerousness functions offer a powerful system with easy integration from one source.

The high-class solution for your application – „made in Germany“.



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