Industrial marking systems from LEIBINGER Inkjet and Numbering Machines label and identify products, packaging, food, automotive parts, medicines, etc. contactless and reliable.

Small character inkjet printer

Leibinger Jet 3 printerIndustrial inkjet printers of the company LEIBINGER are known for the highest flexibility. The range of application reaches from printing best before dates on packaging and marking black cables with white contrast inks.
By the use of solventbased inks, the print is smudge-proof after one second on glass, plastic or metal. The airtight nozzle seal guarantees the immediate start without cleaning procedures.

Camera Systems

camera, softwareThe high-performance camera system is very flexible. The modular concept provides the appropriate solution with matrix or linescan cameras. It provides 100% monitoring of variable and fix data such as numbers, barcodes, 2D-codes, text, logos and quality defects. Multiple windows can be traced simultaneously.

Numbering Systems

numbering machine

  • LEN: Fully-electronic numbering machines for random-numbering.
  • LM: For numbering with weighted modulus-systems.
  • LZ: Full-monitoring of the automatic figure wheels.
  • LNST: System for sequential control of cams.

Perfect for high security numbering (banknotes, passports, stamps, etc.) and barcode numbering (all possible applications as transport documents for logistic companies as well as air and train tickets, hospital-documentation, taxi tickets, etc.) All models rotary and plunger numbering machines in standard and special design

Precision Parts - custom-made quality

precision partsIn the business unit precision parts products with very high quality are manufactured. The focuses are on parts for mechanical engineering, precision engineering and medical engineering. With professional technicians and an efficient machinery decades of experience in manufacturing precision parts has been made.